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Thankyou to everyone who purchased sheep from the Rockin L. We have sold all our sheep and will concentrate future efforts on our Lowline Angus cattle. Art's health continues to be a challenge. We enjoyed the sheep adventure and look forward to our little cow enterprise.

Thank you!
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International Dorper Sheep Breeders Association
American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society

We're having fun raising dorper sheep in Mt.Vernon, Texas. Our dorper sheep sales will be posted on our website. We have dorper rams for sale. We have pure bred dorper ram lambs and full blood dorper rams. Dorpers were developed in South Africa as a meat sheep. They are a hair sheep and require less feed and less work. We have breeding stock for sale from our 200 percentage ewes. Call them butcher lambs, freezer lambs or locker lambs, we have naturally fed lambs available most of the time. We feed no hormones and no antibiotics. Let us help you get started raising the remarkable dorper sheep breed.